Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Poetry and the RSPB

On Monday when the weather was so beautiful, we spent our morning in the wildlife area collecting ideas for our spring poems.  We were thinking of how we felt, things we could see, smell and hear.  In groups, we used our ideas to write a poem and here they are:

Summer Time by Molly, Ella, Corey, Declan and Kaitlin

Golden, bright, yellow sunshine ripples on my face,
Sunshine brightening up the green grass.
Birds in the sky tweeting loudly,
A stunning pond with pond snails sunbathing
Buzzy bees and wasps buzzing around your head!
Blossoms fall day and night, having fun is what we like,
Maypole dancing, we love it too!
Green shoots rising up,
Lovely, friendly butterflies come and see you
Summer is coming...

The Wildlife Poem by Liam, George, Freddie and Olivia

Leaves as green as can be, as bright as the grass,
Birds tweeting in the sky,
Water lillies growing tall and straight,
Black, sweet birds singing in the trees,
Spotty, beautiful butterflies flying, 
The grass is green, the bridge is brown,
Golden, bright sunshine glistening and rising to say hello.

Spring Poem by Phoebe, Lucy, Archie and Joshua

The hot sun is shining in the sky,

Waterlilies lying in the sun, pond snails sunbathing,
Birds are singing, enjoying the sun
Sunshine shines brightly everywhere!
Green leaves as green as can be,
Wind blowing against me.

Sunny Day by Bethany, Freya, Lachey and Abbie

Green grass and bright green leaves,
Blossoms bloom at the start of spring,
Flowers swaying, growing nicely,
Ripples of sunshine on my face,
Birds singing, how lovely in the sky
Brown wood as brown as chocolate so comfy to sit on.

What can you hear? What can you see? By Emily, Alice, Harvey and Finley

Grass is green, buds are growing, leaves are shining,

Birds are singing, bugs are eating,
Leaves are waving on the trees.
Blue, wet water that's as blue as the sky.
Green, round, thin lily pads floating,
Blue, cloudy sky just so still.
Water snails are sunbathing,
Beautiful, yellow flowers, cheeping birds sing to each other,
Gentle wind blowing around us.

Today each class had a session with Clare from the RSPB.  We were thinking about habitats and how to give nature a home.  We looked all around our school grounds for different habitats and thought about who might live there.



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